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Vidalytics Rewind 2022: New Features, More Integrations & Better Stats

Vidalytics Rewind 2022: New Features, More Integrations & Better Stats

Me and the rest of the amazing team at Vidalytics are always working hard to remain the best video hosting and marketing platform for turning clicks into customers — and 2022 was no exception. From powerful new features and integrations to analytics upgrades, you had plenty to be excited about… And in case you missed it, here is a recap of the major things we accomplished…

… plus the first-ever public peak at the game-changing feature we’re rolling out.

Even as we rocket into 2023, we’re doubling down on bringing even more conversion-boosting tools to the platform. I’m totally serious when I say I am confident that what we’re about to release will reshape video marketing —and your conversion rates— for the foreseeable future. 😉

(More on that in a moment!)

First, let’s dive into the top tools we delivered for you to increase conversions in 2022. 

2022’s Newest Conversion Boosting Features 

Rapid Engage Bar

If you’ve ever downloaded a big file online, you know the psychological power that progress indicators can have on your patience and stress levels. The more things appear to be dragging on, the less patient most people become.

Keeping this principle in mind, we introduced the Rapid Engage Bar. This unique feature hooks viewers’ attention by making the progress bar appear to move quickly at the beginning of your video and then gradually slow down.

For moments where a viewer comes from retargeting traffic or simply revisits your video on their own, we also introduced the Revisit Seeking Bar. This lets them see and control the bar to jump where they left off, saving them time and you a bit of bandwidth.

Custom HTML CTA 

Although you don’t have to be a tech whiz to increase video conversions with Vidalytics, we wanted to show some love to users who like (or need) to have some do-it-yourself flexibility.

In 2022, we introduced the ability to add custom HTML call-to-actions or content below your videos. Buttons, opt-in forms, blocks of content — you can control what (and when) your HTML shows.

Video Expiration

Urgency and scarcity are effective, but only if you’re being real with your audience and can back it up. To help with this, we introduced a Video Expiration feature in your video settings page. 🚫

In addition to customizing the day and time your video will expire, we added some simple customizations to help you optimize conversions:

  • A new headline that appears once your vid expires
  • Bottom text to give your viewers more info/next steps
  • And what link you want to redirect viewers to

Rewind/Fast-Forward Buttons

To help viewers not miss a thing in your videos, we added the ability to toggle Rewind/Fast-forward controls on or off. If enabled, when a viewer hovers over the video, they will see the option to jump back or ahead in 10-second increments.

The same feature is functional on mobile devices when a user taps on the video.

New Video Marketing Analytics 

Unmute Rates

Previously, users were only shown Play Rate percentages. However, since many web browsers block unmuted autoplay these days, a lot of our users requested a way to know how many people are actually unmuting.

So in 2022, we added a new Unmute Rate metric to make watch data even more valuable. Now you can instantly know how many viewers are truly interacting with and watching your video. 🙂

URL Parameters In Stats

Most Vidalytics users are like us and value being able to really dive into data and see where things can be optimized.

To help optimize your video and campaign conversions, we also introduced URL Parameters Tracking in 2022. This is great for being able to instantly visualize things like how a specific site, audience segment, or campaign is performing.

On-Demand Data Cleanup For More Accurate Conversions

In certain cases, you might decide you want to clean up the data for a specific video.

In 2022, we made this option available by adding a Reset Stats button within each individual video’s Stats page. For example, if you’re done testing an offer and ready to start driving traffic on a larger scale, you can instantly reset your data instead of having to create a new upload or embed code.

New Integrations

Going into 2022, Vidalytics already featured a number of powerful integrations. For example, users can automate a whole host of segmenting and reporting tasks via our integrations with Zapier, ClickFunnels, Make/Integromat, and more.

Still, you can never have too much data or automation. 🤓

In 2022, we took integrations to a whole new level by adding three essential platforms to our Integrations list:

Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager

In a nutshell, Vidalytics users are now able to automatically send watch data from the Vidalytics player straight to Google Analytics. You can then use this data to create custom audiences for Google Ads, as well as track video events (ex. Plays, pauses, watch percentages, etc.)


Since HubSpot is one of the OGs in the CRM market, adding it to the Integrations list in 2022 was a no-brainer. With the HubSpot integration, you can connect Vidalytics to your HubSpot account to tag your contacts based on Watch Time.

Since Integrations are one of many powerful Pro features, users who have it available in their account can also combine this integration with our Play Gates. When a Play Gate appears over your video, and a viewer fills it out, the HubSpot integration can automatically pass new contact info to the CRM.


Finally, we added a Facebook integration to the list.

Similar to the Google integrations mentioned above, the Vidalytics/Facebook integration allows you to send video watch data to your Facebook account and use that to create Audiences for Facebook Ads.

As an example, you could create a retargeting campaign to an ad Audience that watched at least 50-60% of your video. If this is long enough to where they would have heard your offer, you can tailor your ad creatives accordingly.

Alternatively, you could craft an entirely different ad and audience to entice those who bailed early to come back and finish watching. Combine that with our Resume Play feature and they’ll be able to pick up right where they left off. 😎

Multiple User Accounts 

Whether you’re already among the many 8-figure businesses and all-star marketers who use Vidalytics every day or run a smaller team, your Vidalytics account can now grow with you.

In 2022, we added a Premium tier that gives you full access to all the conversion-boosting features Vidalytics has…plus the addition of Multiple Users. And y’know, nearly three times the video storage and monthly bandwidth if you value that sort of thing. 🤩

When adding additional users, you can give them a unique log-in and also choose to enable or disable a wide range of permissions depending on their role and what they need access to inside Vidalytics.

What’s Ahead For Vidalytics In 2023

Cue the drumroll… 🥁

As hinted at the start of this recap, there is an entirely new layer of video marketing firepower coming to Vidalytics in 2023. In addition to everything mentioned above, we’ve been eyeballs and keyboards deep in developing what we feel is going to change the game for video funnels moving forward.

(And so far, our beta testers have agreed!)

If you want your viewers to sell themselves, happily engage with every minute of your videos, and make sure each person hears exactly what’s most compelling to them without sending to a different page/funnel variant…then you’re going to love the release of…

Interactive Videos!

Instead of hoping one message resonates with everyone, a single video will now feel like a choose-your-own-adventure experience. This means a single video will soon be able to be dynamically tailored to each viewer’s unique goals, stage of awareness, and readiness to buy.

Or to put it another way, it allows you to get higher conversion rates on broader, colder traffic!

These will work natively with all of the other features in Vidalytics that are proven to get conversions. 

Plus, we’re adding a handful of sub-features to kick things up a notch that you’ll just have to stay tuned to see for yourself! 😉

If you’re really intrigued or just the “early adopter” type, good news…

Right now, we’re on the hunt for a handful of beta users/case studies. Not only does this mean you can potentially get early access - me and my team will also help you build your interactive video funnel.

Interested? Click here to contact us and get early access.

That covers it for now!

To your conversions,


Founder / CEO @ 

PS – For future updates or an even more in-depth look at everything we’ve worked on, check out our Changelog. Alternatively, you can also vote on and request features you’d like to see added to Vidalytics.

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