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Vidalytics is designed for entrepreneurs seeking a robust feature set to boost conversions. Unlike other platforms focused on branding or entertainment, Vidalytics is tailored to convert even the coldest traffic into profitable buyers. It offers precise control over copy and colors, advanced analytics to track sales impact, and tools for lead collection and building scarcity, making it superior to other video players in driving conversions.

Billion Dollar Marketer LOVES Smart Autoplay

“You should definitely use Vidalytics for video hosting. When I switched over, their Smart Autoplay increased my conversions by 30%. This is why I use Vidalytics for my Video Sales Letters”

Jon Benson
Billion Dollar Marketer & Inventor of the Video Sales Letter

Frank Kern Recommends Using Vidalytics For Video Hosting

“There’s a video hosting service called Vidalytics. That thing’s really cool! When a viewer hits X minutes [watch time in your video], it’ll tag them in Vidalytics, and then you can use Zapier to send that tag data over to your email system, or CRM.”

Frank Kern
Founder CEO, Frank Kern Inc

595,000 Clicks Prove Vidalytics Converts Better Than Other Players

“Good news! We split tested 595,000 sessions of different players and we couldn’t beat Vidalytics :)”

Matej Bester
GoldenTree Nutrition

49% Bump Thanks to Vidalytics' Mobile Autoplay

“Vidalytics’ Smart Autoplay bumped my conversion rate by 49%. I’m never leaving Vidalytics!”

Brent Messer
Nutra Smash

Interactive Smart Vids — Let Your Viewers Sell Themselves With Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Style Videos

Allow your prospects to “take control” of their viewing experience, with Smart Vids. Dynamically tailor your video to each viewer’s unique goals, stage of awareness, and readiness to buy. This dynamic approach means you can confidently convert broader traffic, knowing every segment of your audience will hear what’s relevant to them. Plus, you can let viewers “jump” paths in the middle of watching — perfect for if they’re bored, eager to buy, or want to hear something different about your offer.

Smart Autoplay — The Most Effective Autoplay Available for Marketers Proven to Increase Conversions 😲

Vidalytics Smart Autoplay has been proven in multiple split tests to grab attention and increase conversions, like with Brent Messer, who saw a 49% conversion rate increase over click-to-play.

Brent Messer

49% Bump Thanks to Vidalytics’ Smart Autoplay

Brent Messer

“Vidalytics’ Smart Autoplay bumped my conversion rate by 49%. I’m never leaving Vidalytics!”

Engagement Boosting Features

Rapid Engage Bar – A simulated seeking bar to hook your viewers’ attention

Vidalytics’ Rapid Engage Bar is a simulated seeking bar which starts off really fast, in order to hook your viewers' attention, since your video will seem shorter to them at the beginning. Then, the bar gradually slows down closer to the actual speed of your video as it progresses.

Smart Pause - Pause Your Video If Your Viewer Gets Distracted

Automatically pause your video playback when a viewer navigates away from the active tab, to keep your viewers’ full attention.

Resume Play — Never Be Boring Again! 😝

The key to video conversions is to not be boring, and nothing is more boring for your viewer than having to re-watch the same video from the start when they return to your website. Vidalytics gets around this by allowing your viewers to pick up exactly where they left off when returning to your video.

Conversion Driving Features

DC Fawcett
Life Renu

Vidalytics CTAs Convert Cold Traffic

DC Fawcett
Life Renu

“I absolutely love Vidalytics because I can scale with it. We are a high volume business. We drive a lot of traffic from Facebook and YouTube and we are just getting started. Love the resume play and the delayed CTA button tied to the player position.”

Analytics — Pinpoint the Parts of Your Videos that Are Making You Money 💸


See the exact spot in your videos that your viewers watch to before converting. Vidalytics’ conversion tracking works across domains and can even dynamically track your revenue and ROI. No other video platform gives you this insight.

Audience Engagement

See where people are dropping off from watching your video.

Video Heatmaps

Spot where your videos are boring or extra engaging, with video heatmaps that show you where your viewers are skipping and rewinding your videos.


Break down all of these analytics by specific groups of viewers such as buyers, non-buyers, device types, traffic sources, repeat viewers, location or browser types — so you can spot the pockets of profitability in your videos.

Compare View

Have two different videos’ stats side by side, to see not just which video converted better but why. This is a split tester’s dream.

Clean data: IP Filtering & Reset Stats

Keep your data clean by filtering specific IP addresses. Once enabled, all of the views from the IP will be removed from your data, even retroactively!

URL Parameters

Easily control specific features on your videos using URL parameters, without having to use two different embed codes.

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Customize — Control Every Detail of Your Video Marketing to Match Your Brand and Increase your Conversions

Change Multiple Colors on the Player

You can change the color of the player with two color settings, foreground and background. And also add a drop shadow for an extra pop.

Pick 3 Different Thumbnails

You have 3 different types of thumbnails to choose from — standard, mobile or exit (which will only show when someone pauses your video).

Focused Fullscreen

With most video players, when a user goes fullscreen on your video, the native UI takes over (and you lose some conversion-boosting features). Luckily, Focused Fullscreen allows you to control the viewing experience of your user and maintain Vidalytics unique features across ANY device.

Vidalytics’ Infrastructure & Player Are So Fast It Could Literally Host The Superbowl Tomorrow 🚀

If your video isn’t blazing fast, your conversion rate is going to suffer. Luckily with Vidalytics, you don’t have to worry about speed. We’ve invested as many resources into our infrastructure as any other part, to make sure your videos are always lightning fast.

Lean HTML5 Player

We custom-built our HTML player, designed for flawless viewing across all devices. Harnessing cutting-edge quality analytics, we monitor billions of plays to ensure uninterrupted streaming experiences. With proactive issue prevention, we guarantee seamless playback amidst dynamic internet traffic shifts.

Optimized Encodings With Machine Learning

Vidalytics encodes your videos into a dozen different formats so they are optimized for every device and browser out there. When we do this, we use Machine Learning (Per Title) that makes them extra light (so they loads faster) while keeping the same quality. This saves you bandwidth and increases your conversions.

Multiple CDNs Optimized with AI

We use AI to monitor and choose which CDN (content delivery network) to deliver your videos with. This is optimized for each viewer’s ISP, in their region. Nothing can beat this strategy for your videos to be fast and resilient.

Multiple Video Optimization

If you need multiple videos on the same page, you can use our multiple embeds feature so they don’t slow down your site like other video players do.

Increase Your Conversions Now By Simply Swapping Out Your Video Player

No Credit Card Required • Cancel Anytime • Get Started In Seconds

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