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1,000s of Marketers Are Switching Their Automated Webinars to This New Next Gen Video Funnel & Seeing 25%+ Increase in Sales & Conversions

1,000s of Marketers Are Switching Their Automated Webinars to This New Next Gen Video Funnel & Seeing 25%+ Increase in Sales & Conversions

This revolutionary new funnel style is producing over $50 Million per month and increasing conversions, leads and sales by 25%, 30% and even 49%. Without any changes to copy, messaging or ads.

Automated webinars used to work incredibly well… in 2017. But fact is: If you’re still using a webinar… you’re hurting your conversions and missing out on a ton of leads and sales.

Here’s why:

Live & Automated Webinars Are “Constraining”

At each point of friction - people are excluded and drop off.

A certain percent never makes it past the registration page.

Another percent never show up to watch the webinar.

Then during the webinar, more people drop off.

In fact, let’s say 1,000 people click an ad and land on your webinar.

And assuming you’re both very lucky and very good . . . 

  • 500 of them register
  • 250 of them show up
  • 100 make it to your first call to action. 
  • And only 50 make it all the way through to see your entire pitch. 
  • And at most maybe 10 people end up buying. If you’re very lucky. 

Now, this doesn’t mean the other 990 people are a lost cause or were never interested…

But with a webinar - they’re gone forever.

And that’s why I tell people:

“Show me ANY auto-webinar, and I can GUARANTEE a Next Gen Video Funnel will outperform it.”

With a Next Gen Video Funnel You Can Instantly Bump Your Conversions By At Least 25% WITHOUT Creating New Ads, Angles, or a New Offer.

Like billion-dollar marketer Jon Benson, who said:

“When I switched over, Vidalytics increased my conversions by 30%”

That's with no changes to his ads, his offer, his funnel, or his copy angles.

And it’s not just working for Jon, this is the same system generating over $50 million every MONTH for 1000s of marketers. 

Just like Frank Kern, Todd Brown, Mike Dillard, Perry Belcher, VShred, and more use it…

Here's how it works:

Introducing: Next Gen Video Funnels,
An Inclusive Conversion System

Get More Views

Instead of sending people to a webinar registration page, or an unnecessary landing page, which costs you 80% of your potential viewers,

with a Next Gen Video Funnel, you send people straight to your video.

And, using our “Smart Autoplay” feature - the video starts playing immediately.

No tricks. No delays. No gimmicks.

This feature increased conversions by 49% alone for Brent Messer. 

Because it gets your prospects hooked the second they land on your video.

Get More Leads

After your viewer starts watching your video… when you’ve gotten them hooked like their favorite Netflix series…

You can lock the video with a Timed Play Gate.

Then, your prospects will enter their contact information to watch the rest. 

This works so well because unlike your typical registration page, your viewers are already invested in seeing the rest of your video. 

Which means they’ll happily opt-in to watch the rest of it. 

Plus, when someone opts in, you can apply specific tags to their contact in your CRM based on how much of your video they watched, and follow up with custom marketing messages like:

  • Offering a discount if they saw your price. Instead of offering it to everyone unnecessarily. 
  • Giving people who only watched the first 30 seconds a new reason to watch 
    - Sneak peaks of what they’ll see later in the video 
    - New angles 
    - A gift for watching the whole thing
  • Or sending prospects a reminder to finish watching if they bailed halfway through.

Get More Engagement

A large majority of conversions happen only after someone has watched your entire video.

Which is why with a Next Gen Funnel, we do multiple different things to increase engagement. Things like:

An Exit Thumbnail & Exit CTA: 

When prospects pause your video it’s a clear cut sign they’re about to bounce. 

So, we include a popup to send them to a text based version of your video, to book a call, or even just buy now.

This allows you to adapt the user preference almost as if you were there to respond in person like a real salesperson… 

Which immediately increases your conversions since these are all people who were about to leave.

A Rapid Engagement Bar: 

As soon as someone plays your video, they’re assessing if the trade-off of the time they’ll need to commit is worth the value they may receive.

With a Rapid Engagement Bar, we’re able to tap into your audience’s desire for efficiency by making the seek bar move faster…

Then as they delve deeper into the video, the bar gradually slows down to align with the actual video pace.

It's like gently guiding their experience in real-time, just as a skillful guide might.

Which increases retention and engagement.

Revisit Seeking & Smart Pause

If someone DOES leave your video or pauses it but then comes back, they’ll most likely bounce again if they have to reload the page and rewatch everything from the beginning.

With Revisit Seeking & Smart Pause - even if someone leaves the page…

They can pick up exactly where they left off when returning to your video so they continue watching and convert.

Get More Conversions

This is the bread and butter of a Next Gen Video Funnel… increasing conversions. Here’s how it’s done:

Timed CTA

Rather than relying on “time on page” (which is flawed if someone pauses your video)...

When your product and its price are revealed, you can ‘drop the buy button’ from right within your video with a Timed CTA. 

You can have this show whenever you want, which is perfect to drop right after you’ve built enough emotional desire for your product. 

This also allows you to hit your prospects right at their emotional peak, which is when they’re most ready to buy…

Countdown Timer

Once you present your offer, sometimes you need to nudge your viewer to take action, because they haven’t made up their mind.

They need a sense of urgency. So, we built Countdown Timers. 

This tool will show any message copy you want on top of your video. With a count timer. And when it hits zero, it will redirect to any page you want.

We recommend driving people to your checkout page to immediately buy. 

This is Gauher Chaudhry’s favorite strategies. He’s an 8-figure marketer running Perfect Origins and Digital Sumo.

Now, if you’re wondering how you actually create a Next Gen Video Funnel…

It’s all thanks to our platform, Vidalytics.

Boost Conversions By Turning Your Auto-Webinar Into A VSL

Get More Views, More Leads, More Engagement & More Conversions

Vidalytics is a video hosting & marketing platform for entrepreneurs & marketers who need the latest, cutting-edge tools to increase their videos' conversions.

Just by switching to Vidalytics and using it’s features for a Next Gen VSL Funnel…

  • Matej Bester improved his conversions by 25%. 
  • Jon Benson saw his conversions increase by 30%.
  • Brent Messer saw his conversions bump up by 49%.

Plus… With Vidalytics - Optimization Is a WHOLE LOT Easier With Deeper Data Insights

Fact is: Absolutely no video or webinar hosting platform gives you the insights you need. 

And getting an offer to scale is all about making the right data-driven decisions. 

But without the right data, you’re just guessing when you go to optimize. 

That’s why Vidalytics is the market leader - it gives you deeper insights than any other platform so you can optimize your videos’ conversions…

Advanced Video Marketing Analytics

Getting an offer to scale is all about making the right data-driven decisions. 

Problem is: Most video players are a black box.

At best, they give you an engagement graph. And at worst, you have zero idea how your video is actually performing once someone clicks play on it.

So you won’t be able to optimize your videos.

Which is why with Vidalytics, you get a second by second display of where your viewers drop off while watching your video.

And it also highlights the exact spot where each one of your buyers watched to before converting. 

So you know exactly what part of your video is driving sales.

You can also see heatmaps of where your video is getting skipped or rewound. 

So that way, you can easily find and remove the boring parts. 

You can also filter your video stats to see how a specific segment of your viewers watched and converted from your video… like country, buyers vs non buyers, repeat viewers vs 1st time viewers, etc.

Conversion Tracking

With Vidalytics you can pass in your own unique tracking parameters from UTMs, or other URL tracking parameters. 

So you can trace conversions back to its platform and determine which marketing channels or campaigns are the most effective.

Just take it from Joel Erway! He said, "Optimizing VSLs and Webinars is f*cking hard. Vidalytics allows you to track engagement of your videos by UTM parameters! I found this feature and saw more than a 5X engagement boost with the same video, just a different ad angle (3.6% vs. 17.34%). This is a game changer. It allows us to optimize this funnel so much more effectively now that we can see exactly which ad angles are driving the highest intent. This is pretty sweet!"

Compare View

With Vidalytics you can compare two video graphs side by side. To see not just which video won in a split test, but answer the question why it did. 

This level of video marketing insight isn’t available anywhere else. 

And can make increasing your conversions a very simple task, instead of a guessing game.

That’s why the analytics alone have been a game-changer for Vidalytics users…

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Here's What Everyone Is Saying:
Justin Christianson
Co-Founder & President, Conversion Fanatics

"We’ve been using Vidalytics for a while and absolutely love it. Its mobile features alone are worth switching. Not to mention it converts better than other players, its analytics are on-point and it’s the fastest video player I’ve tested. I highly recommend them for your marketing videos."

John Wheeler
Godzilla Social

"In the few months since we signed up Vidalytics has been AMAZING. It’s a real game changer. I’ve already edited our webinar replay to reflect the poor drop off at the beginning. I’m not sure how anyone with marketing videos can get by without Vidalytics, it's really that good."

Gauher Chaudhry
Founder, Digital Sumo

"I love Vidalytics because of the countless options I can control such as AutoPlay, Countdown Timers, Resume Play and many more. The analytics on the videos are detailed and help my team and I make the right decisions to increase conversions."

Braun Miller
Nerve Aid

"I split tested Vidalytics against Wistia and it destroyed them. Vidalytics works so well I almost didn’t want to tell anyone about it because it is such a competitive advantage."

DC Fawcett
Life Renu

"I absolutely love Vidalytics because I can scale with it. We are a high volume business. We drive a lot of traffic from Facebook and YouTube and we are just getting started. Love the resume play and the delayed CTA button tied to the player position."

Sam Robbins
HFL Solutions

“Over the last 20 years, I’ve used ALL of the other video platforms — JW Player, Flowplayer, Vimeo, Wistia, Youtube and nothing compares to the power and insights that Vidalytics gives you. It is hands down the best.”

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