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How to Use Micro Conversions to Increase ROI, Drive More Sales and Scale Your Marketing Campaigns & Funnels

How to Use Micro Conversions to Increase ROI, Drive More Sales and Scale Your Marketing Campaigns & Funnels

Discover this new advanced data tracking strategy powered by Vidalytics that can help you scale your offers and funnels more profitably

The Secret to Scaling…

Money loves speed.

Problem is…

Depending on the average order value of your funnel - it will easily take tens of thousands of dollars, and potentially weeks or even months to see if your marketing funnel “works” and converts…

Which is where micro conversions come in.

They’re a faster and more cost-effective way to optimize and scale your funnels and marketing campaigns.

What Are Micro Conversions?

A micro conversion is when you fire a conversion when someone watches to a specific point in your marketing funnel or video, as opposed to only firing a conversion when a purchase is made. 

This can be sent to your ad account or other tracking systems, allowing you to optimize off of these (less costly) micro conversions, instead of waiting for full purchase conversions.

Since this happens sooner and more often - but still tightly correlated with a sale - it is a leading indicator that allows for faster, less expensive optimization.

And when you’re able to optimize for these “micro conversions”...


It costs less, and can drastically increase your ROI.

And with Vidalytics’ Micro Conversion technology - we can enable this to not only drive more conversions for less cost…

…but also to develop higher-quality audiences, create hyper-targeted messaging, and create better advertising campaigns.

How Micro Conversions Work

Before someone can buy they typically go through the following steps of a funnel:


And with Vidalytics Micro Conversions…

We fire a tracking pixel at each micro conversion moment, like this:

  • 25% Video Watched > Pixel Fires
  • 50% Video Watched > Pixel Fires
  • 75% Video Watched > Pixel Fires
  • 100% Video Watched > Pixel Fires


We can fire a pixel at ANY point in your video, even if it’s paused, or if someone clicks resume play. Then we can use that data to optimize your ads for a micro conversion, versus a more costly action.


Lowering your ad costs…

Getting you more sales and conversions…

And helping you make more ROI from your ad campaigns.

How Advanced Marketers Are Scaling With Micro Conversions

  • Scale Smarter & Faster - Reduce your testing budget by up to 90%... here’s how:
    • The traditional “rule of thumb” for optimization and testing is you need to spend 3x your target CPA per each different segment of your ad account - ad set, ad group, ad, campaign, targeting, placement, etc…
    • This can get very expensive, very fast. It’s not unreasonable to expect to spend $20,000 to thoroughly test a funnel with a $1,000 price point.
    • However, with micro conversions - instead of trying to target your CPA for a sale (which could be $1,500/day x 24 segments = $36,000 to test) – you could spend $20 - $50 to get someone to watch 2 minutes of your video. And use that as an optimization point instead of a full sale.
    • This reduces your testing budget by up to 90%, and helps you find and scale winners faster.


  • Retargeting - Make unprofitable retargeting profitable again by using micro conversions. Here’s how:
    • Once a viewer watches 2+ minutes of your video - even if they don’t purchase - you can assume they’re hyper interested and should be retargeted. 
    • This is more effective than retargeting everyone who comes to your page (because if you do that, your retargeting campaigns end up being too broad and expensive to actually get a positive ROI)
    • So, when you create campaigns - simply define the different micro-conversions (25%, 50%, 100% VSL view, opt in, etc) and create conversion events in Google, FB, or even your CRM. Then, use that information to create different lists and segments of audiences to retarget.


  • Lookalike & Followup - Plus, as data comes in, you can create new audiences and campaigns based on micro-conversions both inside Google/FB or in your CRM as email campaigns.
    • For example:
      • You can create a lookalike audience inside Facebook based on people who reached at least 75% completion of your video. This costs less than a full 100% view, but is still an indicator of interest.
      • You can tag users who reached 85% of your video (or whenever your offer drops) and follow up with them with case studies, coupons, or anything else to push them over the edge and purchase. The possibilities are endless.

Easy As a Few Clicks

The best part is, with Vidalytics, integrating Micro Conversions is as easy as a few clicks! Inside Vidalytics all you need to do is paste in your pixel code and define the different actions you want to track…

Vidalytics does the rest for you.

❌ No messing with UTMs.

❌ No paying a developer to make a custom solution.

❌ No complications.


A Real Use Case: How Taxaroo Used Micro-Conversions to Scale a Funnel Selling a $1,000 Product



  • Taxaroo's testing budget was reduced by 80%, and they were able to find a winner twice as fast as traditional testing methods.
  • Significantly lowered their ad costs and increased their ROI.
  • Drove more conversions and purchases with email campaigns.
  • Scaled the funnel, selling a $1k digital product via cold traffic



Taxaroo was marketing a $1,000 product using a long-form VSL (video sales letter) as the core conversion mechanism. 

They spent a lot of time developing this funnel and messaging because at a $1k price point, you can’t cut any corners.



Initially, they were optimizing their Facebook ads for purchases… 

But this approach was limited because of the low frequency of purchase events at the start.

They weren’t getting the pixel to fire enough because it was a brand new campaign and a new pixel. They needed more data!


Solution: Micro-Conversions:

Taxaroo pivoted to concentrate on micro-conversions.

Using this data, they were able to:

1. Develop Cheaper Lookalike Audiences: Utilizing Facebook's tools, they created lookalike audiences based on the different percent micro conversions. This helped them build more targeted segments than opt-ins, while doing it faster than focusing solely on purchases.

2. Find a Winning Targeting Audience Faster: After reviewing each audience created, they found that targeting users who viewed at least 35% of their VSL was most effective. This audience segment demonstrated greater engagement, and had a higher likelihood of conversion and ended up purchasing more than any other segment.

3. Reduce Ad Costs, Get More Conversions: By optimizing for 35% video views, they significantly reduced their cost per purchase and started gaining more consistent feedback for campaign optimization… creating a snowball effect.

‍4. Micro-Conversion Based Email Campaigns: Taxaroo then started to create different follow-up email sequences based on the data they collected:

  • Viewer opted in but didn’t see the content: They pushed them back to watch the VSL.
  • Viewer saw the content but not the offer: They sent them to a longer-form sales page with the offer.
  • Viewer saw the offer but didn’t buy: They followed up with testimonials, objection handling emails, and case studies.

This personalized approach helped nurture leads more effectively and contributed to converting leads into customers.


By optimizing for Micro-Conversions, Taxaroo was able to:

  • Reduce testing budget by 80%, and find a winner twice as fast as traditional testing methods
  • Significantly lower ad costs and increase ROI
  • Drive more conversions and purchases with email campaigns
  • Scale the funnel and sell more $1,000 products


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