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How to Use Gate Tagging to 5x Your Funnel’s Leads, Increase Your Sales Conversions & Start Generating More Revenue WITHOUT Changing Your Video or Copy

How to Use Gate Tagging to 5x Your Funnel’s Leads, Increase Your Sales Conversions & Start Generating More Revenue WITHOUT Changing Your Video or Copy

A simple but advanced hyper-personalization strategy to optimize your lead conversion and engagement…

What Is Gate Tagging?

If you use a traditional opt-in page, you’re losing 80% of your leads.

And you’re losing even MORE sales because your post opt-in messaging ends up being generic, one-size-fits-all messaging, that’s not relevant to the awareness of your customer.

(Did they even watch the video they opted in for? Or maybe they watched the whole thing, but didn’t buy because of an objection? Or did they watch half of your video and never even saw your offer? You have no way of knowing…)

No bueno.

And until now, if you wanted to build your list - there’s no other way to get customer info aside from putting that extra step before your video…

But with Vidalytics' Gate Tagging strategy - we solved this problem.

And instead, you can use Vidalytics’ specific technology to:

  • Get the highest opt-in rate possible, so you capture even MORE leads
  • Tag leads into your CRM to hyper-personalize your follow-up
  • Generate more revenue from your campaigns WITHOUT needing to change your video or copy

And WITHOUT having to pay a developer to set up this advanced level tagging and tracking system… because with Vidalytics it’s a click away.

How Gate Tagging Works:

Step 1 - Hook Your Audience & Get More Views

First, we hook your audience with Vidalytics Smart Autoplay:

Instead of sending people to an opt-in page, we remove that extra step, and send people straight to your video…

And as soon as a visitor lands on your page, the video starts playing with an attention-grabbing message overlaid on top to get someone to click play…

Then, once your visitor hits play, the video will restart from the beginning, ensuring they don't miss a thing.

This feature has been proven to increase engagement and generate more leads & sales…

49% Bump Thanks to Vidalytics’ Smart Autoplay

“Vidalytics’ Smart Autoplay bumped my conversion rate by 49%. I’m never leaving Vidalytics!”

Brent Messer,

Click here to see Brent’s case study on how he got a 49% conversion bump

Step 2 - Capture Leads, Get Opt Ins, Build Your List Like Crazy

Once your audience is hooked & engaged with your video…

THEN we capture their info by implementing a “Play Gate”.

A play gate is an opt-in form that’s integrated WITHIN the video itself…

And in order to keep watching, someone needs to opt in…

This works so effectively because using a Play Gate doesn’t hurt your conversion rate like a traditional opt-in page (which as much as 80% of your leads never make it past…)

Step 3 - Tag For Custom Follow Ups

As soon as someone opts into your Play Gate…

You can immediately tag their contact record in your CRM, based on what video they opted into and how far they watch into your video… 

(normally setting up CRM Tagging is much more involved but this is by far the easiest way to unlock this powerful strategy).

Which means you can get super tactical with your marketing automations to increase your conversions.

Step 4 - Convert More Viewers & Leads Into Sales

Using the specific tag from step 3, you can personalize your followup content - leading to more conversions and engagement.

Did your lead click the CTA but never converted?

Tag them with that info & send them emails about your offer to convert them.

Did they watch the first 15 seconds of your video and bounce?

Tag them with that info & send them emails to get them to continue watching your video another day.

You can also use that data to build retargeting audiences on Facebook… invite them onto strategy calls, buy your product, and more…

The possibilities are endless.

But the outcome is the same - more leads, revenue, and sales… WITHOUT changing your video funnel copy.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Here's What Everyone Is Saying:
John Wheeler
Godzilla Social

"In the few months since we signed up Vidalytics has been AMAZING. It’s a real game changer. I’ve already edited our webinar replay to reflect the poor drop off at the beginning. I’m not sure how anyone with marketing videos can get by without Vidalytics, it's really that good."

Frank Kern
Founder CEO, Frank Kern Inc

“There’s a video hosting service called Vidalytics. That thing’s really cool! When a viewer hits X minutes [watch time in your video], it’ll tag them in Vidalytics, and then you can use Zapier to send that tag data over to your email system, or CRM.”

Sam Robbins
HFL Solutions

“Over the last 20 years, I’ve used ALL of the other video platforms — JW Player, Flowplayer, Vimeo, Wistia, Youtube and nothing compares to the power and insights that Vidalytics gives you. It is hands down the best.”

Eric Raum
CEO, Lexapure

"I love Vidalytics. Better pricing than Wistia, with WAY better analytics. The autoplay that restarts when unmuted pays for itself in increased conversions each month for us. Best video hosting for our industry, hands down!'

Braun Miller
Nerve Aid

"I split tested Vidalytics against Wistia and it destroyed them. Vidalytics works so well I almost didn’t want to tell anyone about it because it is such a competitive advantage."

Brent Messer
Nutra Smash

"Vidalytics’ Smart Autoplay bumped my conversion rate by 49%. I’m never leaving Vidalytics!"

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