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How to Use An “Engagement Bridge” to Methodically Go From Duds to Monster Winners Without Wasting a Small Fortune on Testing or Copywriters

How to Use An “Engagement Bridge” to Methodically Go From Duds to Monster Winners Without Wasting a Small Fortune on Testing or Copywriters

This simple strategy is what the top 1% of video marketers do to find new controls that convert more video viewers into buyers

If your VSL (Video Sales Letter)  engagement looks like this…

Then you're in trouble... because if people aren’t engaging and watching your video…

No amount of retargeting or followup can make up for the money you’re losing.

Luckily, there’s a simple strategy to fix it, boost your engagement and conversions…

And create a video that hooks your audience, and carries them through to your offer.

And you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on testing, or paying a copywriter a fortune to do this all for you.

The Engagement Bridge: How The Top 1% of Marketers Make Videos That Convert Like Crazy

With Vidalytics, you can easily take your underperforming VSL (Video Sales Letter)…

Here’s how:

#1: Create a High Converting Lead

The first 2-3 minutes of your video is the most important part..

Because 80% of your viewers will watch the first 2-3 minutes of your video, but if they don’t make it past that, they won’t consume any other content.

And when you’re trying to turn clicks and video views directly into sales, it’s going to be the most important part of your video to optimize.

Which is where our feature, Compare View, comes in.

Compare View: 

WIth Compare view, you can easily split test your leads and track conversions and drop-offs, so you can see which video lead performs better.

Then, you simply keep split testing leads and styles of leads until you find your winner.

After you find your winner, it’s time to focus on the content portion of your VSL.

#2: Create High Engagement Content

With Vidalytics' visual engagement graph…

You can easily see the big drop-off points in the content sections of your VSL.

So, you simply need to go in at each point and change the messaging to fix it, relaunch your video…

And rinse & repeat until your entire video is being engaged with.

How much? We’ve found the gold standard is 40% engagement by the time you reveal your CTA (call-to-action).

Now, after your lead and your content drop-offs are smoothed out…

It’s time to focus on your offer.

#3: Create a High Converting Offer

Naturally, there’s going to be drop off points around the offer… but the fewer the better.

Which is why Vidalytics comes with:

Exit Features: If someone goes to exit during your pitch, we can “save the sale” with exit pops. Give them an option to go straight to checkout (because maybe they’re just ready to buy NOW), send them to a sales call if they have questions, or even a text-based Q&A page.

CRM Tagging: Tag viewers in your CRM based on their video progress. This means hyper-targeted follow-up marketing and enhanced conversion opportunities.

Timed CTA: When your product and its price are revealed, you can ‘drop the buy button’ from within your video. This is perfect to drop right at your prospects emotional peak during your pitch, which is when they’re most ready to buy…

Countdown Timer: Some people need a little nudge of urgency to convert… so you can place a countdown timer on top of your video. And when it hits zero, it will redirect to any page you want (the checkout page works best).

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Here's What Everyone Is Saying:
Joel Erway
Founder CEO of The Webinar Agency

"Optimizing VSLs is fucking hard. Vidalytics allows you to track engagement of your videos by UTM parameters! I found this feature and saw more than a 5X engagement boost with the same video, just a different ad angle (3.6% vs. 17.34%). This is a game changer. It allows us to optimize our funnel so much more effectively now that we can see exactly which ad angles are driving the highest intent. This is pretty sweet!"

Eric Raum
CEO, Lexapure

"I love Vidalytics. Better pricing than Wistia, with WAY better analytics. The autoplay that restarts when unmuted pays for itself in increased conversions each month for us. Best video hosting for our industry, hands down!'

Karmjit Singh
Rise Media

"One vote here for Vidalytics, their unmuted autoplays increased video plays with the flashing message on top of video while it's playing in the background, then restarts from the beginning when clicked. Genius."

Sean Anthony
CEO of GrowthResponse

"They have the best analytics for marketing videos -- period. And a ton of unique features like Smart Autoplay and Countdown timers.They also have features that save someone from bouncing while watching your video, since it works when the video is paused. They're all called 'Exit' features. Like Exit Call to Actions, Exit Play Gates, and Exit Thumbnails. It's awesome."

Tim Houston
CEO Badass Ventures, Inc

"I love that Vidalytics was built by marketers for marketers... Our conversions are up because of smart-autoplay, faster load times, start-from-where-you-left-off for returning visitors etc... Plus they moved all of our videos over from our backup, which was great. More conversions, lower costs, great customer service."

Justin Christianson
Co-Founder & President, Conversion Fanatics

"We’ve been using Vidalytics for a while and absolutely love it. Its mobile features alone are worth switching. Not to mention it converts better than other players, its analytics are on-point and it’s the fastest video player I’ve tested. I highly recommend them for your marketing videos."

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