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Become a Vidalytics Agency Partner To Easily Scale Your Clients & Get A Recurring Rev Share from Vidalytics

How Vidalytics Partner Program Will Grow Your Agency

Your clients will love you.

Simply swap out your client’s video player with Vidalytics and watch it pay for itself 10x instantly with an instant boost in sales & conversions (without any changes to copy, messaging or ads).

You look like the hero…

AND you get paid a nice recurring commission check.

How Agencies Are Using Vidalytics to Get Paid More While Crushing It For Their Clients

We all know clients only care about 1 thing…
Which is EXACTLY what Vidalytics was designed for.
Because when you increase your conversions - your clients make more money, which means they’re happy, they don’t churn, your agency can scale up, everybody wins.

Grow Your Agency With 4 Steps Only Possible W/ The Vidalytics Partner Program & Agency Accounts

Step 1

Attract More Clients who are Eager to Hire You

We have hundreds and hundreds of enterprise-level clients who use Vidalytics – and tens of thousands overall. These are people spending millions of dollars on ads (some of them spend millions per DAY)...
Many need advanced implementations of Vidalytics that are beyond the scope of what we can offer. When that happens we play match maker w/ the agencies in our directory. 
And YOUR agency can get in front of them when you join the Vidalytics Agency Partner Program.

Get in Front of 10s of Thousands of Vidalytics users who need your help. Your Agency Listed In Our Partner Directory of Enterprise Clients

Step 2

Use Vidalytics to Expand Your Service Offerings & Charge More

‘Prove your agency’s ROI and well is worth the fees other, lesser agencies wouldn't dream of charging with the most advanced video marketing toolkit features on the planet.

Optimization: Use our Analytics Suite to start easily split testing and optimizing your client’s funnels and videos. Get the right data and insights to make smarter decisions to help them win, which means you win.

Co-Branded Reports: Download your clients’ stats and metrics to show your clients the value your agency delivers to them every single month so they never think of churning.

Automation Integrations, Tracking, & Tags: Offer advanced services to your clients that most other agencies simply don’t have the expertise to do. Plus, Vidalytics will help train you on all the different features so they’re easy to implement.

Step 3

Attract More Clients who are Eager to Hire You

Easily track ALL of your client metrics in one unified dashboard.

No more bouncing around, logging in to different softwares to find your conversion stats. Or even worse dropping the ball because you ahd to juggle a million difference systems.

With the Vidalytics Agency Dashboard you can keep a pulse on all of the KPIs you need at a glance, so you can take easy actions to keep delivering.

Track Your Success With A Unified Customer Dashboard

Bonus Step 4

Prove your Expertise and Your Vidalytics Partnership

Get access to our Vidalytics suite of courses, training, and direct support from our Vidalytics team – which is full of lethal marketing professionals. Discover how to use Vidalytics to its full power to increase your clients conversions. Stand out from other agencies by Vidalytics certified (we will only refer our Enterprise users to certified partners).
This isn’t your typical affiliate program. The ONLY way to promote Vidalytics to your clients and earn commission with our partner program is right here, right now on this page.

Your Clients will love you because you can do what only mortals dream of… Easily deliver the most advanced and effective marketing stragtegies backed up by results 

Here’s how Vidalytics can help you and your clients - Boost Conversions With Vidalytics

Thanks to Vidalytics, there are countless strategies that you & your clients can use in your campaigns to get more leads, conversions, and sell more. Separate your agency from the crowd by providing a better service.


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Ready to Scale Your Clients As a Vidalytics Agency Partner?