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Should You Consider SMS Video Lead Capture Over Email?

Using Vidalytics and Salesmsg to Automate SMS Lead Capture
Combine Vidalytics with Salesmsg SMS to boost video sales letter conversions, webinar replay leads, HR & recruiting efforts, and appointments kept!

As you've noticed, people don't pick up the phone until they're absolutely ready to talk or absolutely certain who it is. But when you send a text, people respond.

Why? Is it magic? Or is it something else?

It just makes sense. People are busy. SMS is easy. And SMS is installed out of the box on every phone. Plus, most people have SMS notifications turned on. Ding!

When you hear people say, "just text me" or hear that SMS has a 98% open rate, it's because after email, texting is how people prefer to communicate, even with their mom!

So now that Vidalytics and Salesmsg have teamed up, check out what SMS can do for your marketing, video sales letters, webinars, prospecting, and lead conversions!

Designed For

  • Webinar hosts
  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Sales call and lead follow up 
  • Events and webinar reminders
  • Booking, scheduling, confirming appointments
  • New customer onboarding
  • Recruiters & Sales Development Rep (SDRs)
  • Customer success and support teams
  • Internal team and staff communication

Main Features

  • Mass SMS / MMS broadcast to a list
  • Schedule personalized replies
  • Auto remind / follow up with appointment or attendees
  • Native integration with Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Pipedrive, Aircall, Keap
  • Eliminate using personal phones (save your thumbs)
  • Make message management a team sport with Shared Inboxes
  • Opt-out management keep you compliant
  • Track results with reporting and analytics 
  • Plus 18 additional features that will make you happy

Additional Features

  • Forward calls from your Salesmsg number to any phone
  • Text enable landlines, toll free, and local numbers
  • Send MMS, pics, gifs, & vCards
  • Assign, track, and notate conversations
  • Chrome Extension, iOS, & Android Apps
  • Create team wide rapid replies with canned responses

How Vidalytics and Salesmsg Work Together

Connect Vidalytics to Salesmsgvia Zapier to add SMS lead capture & follow up to your Vidalytics videos. It's easy to trigger Salesmsg SMS inside your Vidalytics videos!

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If you're concerned about the technical setup, don't worry. It's "easy peasy," like "gmail for texting." There's no special skills or development work required. - Kendra Bolton, Shine Windows
Salesmsg tripled our sales in 60 days! For my mother-in-laws dance studio, we tried everything: local ads, Instagram, Facebook ads, Yelp, even the Yellow Pages, but it wasn't until we started texting with Salesmsg that everything changed. We tripled the business in less than 60 days! - Brian Moran, CEO SamCart

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