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A creative studio focused on launching and scaling SaaS products faster


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Eykkon is a creative studio specializing in assisting Startups and SaaS product companies to achieve rapid growth and success with their products. They offer practical solutions in four stages:‍

1. Listening and Diagnosing: Eykkon starts by understanding the specific problems and needs of their clients. They address issues such as loss of consistency during scaling, quick and efficient product design with limited teams, communication gaps between design and development teams, quality problems during product scaling, and lack of visual consistency in user interfaces.‍

2. Design and Maintenance: Eykkon provides solutions to maintain product consistency through a repository of patterns, rules, and documentation. They optimize design processes to avoid repetition, unify languages and criteria within teams, design for scalability, accessibility, and good UI, and align product development with user needs.‍

3. Team Strengthening: They assist in creating and enhancing design teams by optimizing deliveries, finding and training top skills, and bringing MVP (Minimum Viable Product) products to market quickly, often within 6 weeks.‍

4. Specific Solutions and Deliverables: Eykkon offers tailored solutions for various challenges through specific programs.

Eykkon emphasizes highly skilled and collaborative teams that combine business, design, and technical development expertise to build the right products efficiently and within budget. Their goal is to optimize product teams' tasks, reduce expenses, and achieve efficient growth for SaaS products.

They offer hassle-free and guaranteed high-quality deliverables on time.