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Eobiont offers a comprehensive range of services categorized into four key stages of business development: planning, implementation, management, and growth.

Keep reading to find out more about each one of them...

  1. Planning: Before taking action, it's crucial to lay a solid foundation. This phase involves creating a detailed blueprint and includes services such as in-depth marketing strategy, co-creation workshops, brand positioning, content planning, and market research.
  2. Implementation: Once the plan is in place, the Eobiont team of experts transforms ideas into tangible assets. Services here encompass brand identity development, design dash workshops, website development (covering various technologies), design services (visual, information, editorial, motion, interaction, and user experience), and content creation.
  3. Management: In this phase, Eobiont assists in streamlining marketing and communication operations. Services include marketing automation, campaign management (strategy, creatives, platform setup, and ongoing optimization), public relations (custom distribution, influencer outreach, and press releases), media production (across various mediums), and website support.
  4. Growth: This stage focuses on expertise to scale customer pipelines. Eobiont offers services such as inbound marketing (getting attention, awakening need, and building trust), performance marketing (utilizing platforms like Google Search), online advertising (across social media, display, native, and sponsored channels), lead generation (campaign strategies, prospect nurturing, and gated content), and buyer journey optimization (using behavior-based personas and unified communication strategies).

Their work has received numerous industry awards in recent years, such as:

  • In 2023, they received the German Brand Award in the brand design category, and the German Design Award for their work on the plusserver Brand Development.
  • In 2022, they earned three German Brand Awards, including a Gold award for the plusserver Brand Development.
  • In 2021, their Transporeon Brand Identity project was honored with the German Design Award.
  • In 2020, they secured two German Brand Awards, including a Gold award for the Transporeon Brand Identity.
  • In 2018, their LIQID Brand Identity work was recognized with the German Brand Award.