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Vidalytics + Zapier integration

Vidalytics can be integrated with Zapier to tag your viewers based on video watch time (not time on page!). This comes incredibly handy when you want to set up automations in your CRM or EMS that use very specifc targeting based on which sections on your video a lead has watched (did they watch just your lead? Your story? Did they leave right before they could hear your special offer?)

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  • Very easy to implement
  • Big software company with lots of tools integrated to it
  • A lot of free integrations or "zaps" to choose from, for which you do not have to pay any money at all

Use Cases

  • Tag prospects in your CMS that bounce from your video after less than 30 seconds with a retargeting ad campaign
  • Tag viewers that leave before your product reveal, so you can send them an email from your CMS and send them to a page dedicated to your product
  • Tag viewers that leave right after your price reveal and send them a coupon, in case they were on the edge because of cost
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Real Users, Real Results

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595,000 Viewers Prove Vidalytics Converts Better Than Other Video Platforms

"Good news! We split tested 595,000 sessions with Vimeo, YouTube and Wistia, and they couldn’t beat Vidalytics 🙂"

Matej Bester
Golden Tree Nutrition Ltd
Billion Dollar Marketer LOVES Vidalytics

"You should definitely use Vidalytics for video hosting. When I switched over, their Smart Autoplay increased my conversions by 30%. This is why I use Vidalytics for all of my Video Sales Letters"

Jon Benson
Billion Dollar Marketer & Inventor of the Video Sales Letter
49% Bump Thanks To Vidalytics' Mobile Autoplay

"Vidalytics’ Smart Autoplay bumped my conversion rate by 49%. I’m never leaving Vidalytics!"

Brent Messer
Nutra Smash
It is hands down the best.

“Over the last 20 years, I’ve used ALL of the other video platforms — JW Player, Flowplayer, Vimeo, Wistia, Youtube and nothing compares to the power and insights that Vidalytics gives you. It is hands down the best.”

Sam Robbins
HFL Solutions
Vidalytics helped drive £70,000 in Sales

Todd Brown recommended your software in the E5 camp. It's great!

The first version of my VSL did £70,000. I'm relaunching v2 now.

Claire Jarrett
Recommended For Any Vimeo Users!

“Vidalytics seems like a great program so far. I have already recommended it to a few people I know that were using Vimeo and had issues like I did.”

Joe Sulima
Built for Video Sales Letters

"I produce a TON of video sales letters. Vidalytics is a perfect fit for these businesses using VSLs. So I recommend it to all my clients. Vidalytics just makes sense for any direct response company instead of Wistia or Vimeo."

Max Fata
Direct Response Video Agency
Destroyed Wistia In Split Test

"I split tested Vidalytics against Wistia and it destroyed them. Vidalytics works so well I almost didn’t want to tell anyone about it because it is such a competitive advantage."

Braun Miller
Nerve Aid
Former Vidyard user "blown away"

"I'm tranistioning to Vidalytics from Vidyard. Seriously, I've been totally blown away by your product so far, especially considering the price."

Steven Gunn
Opta Naturals
Vidalytics is the Key to Scaling for High Volume Business

"I absolutely love Vidalytics because I can scale with it. We are a high volume business. We drive a lot of traffic from Facebook and YouTube and we are just getting started. Love the resume play and the delayed CTA button tied to the player position."

DC Fawcett
Life Renu
Vidalytics Autoplay Allowed Us to Scale to 8 figures

"One vote here for Vidalytics, their unmuted autoplays increased video plays with the flashing message on top of video while it's playing in the background, then restarts from the beginning when clicked. Genius."

Karmjit Singh
Rise Media
"AMAZING Game Changer" for Your Marketing Videos

"In the few months since we signed up Vidalytics has been AMAZING. It’s a real game changer. I’ve already edited our webinar replay to reflect the poor drop off at the beginning. I’m not sure how anyone with marketing videos can get by without Vidalytics, it's really that good."

John Wheeler
Godzilla Social
Better Analytics = Better Conversions

We love Vidalytics; the more you measure the better. It also allows for custom messages with mobile auto play. That is worth it right there and load speeds are faster as well.

Warren Phillips
Now I Know Exactly Why My Videos Are Converting

"I can NOT afford to have the videos in my funnel be “black holes” where I don’t know what is happening. Before, it was just a guessing game. Now with Vidalytics, I know exactly where and how my videos are converting. Making it easy to improve their conversions."

Philip Meese
Critical Margin Digital
I feel like part of the family

"When you've had a great customer satisfaction experience - you're in. You're part of the family. Support did that. Was a very cool exchange, answered my questions, was super cool about it. You are being well represented here. And as my teacher Ben Settle says, nothing like customer service to create a referral client."

Richard Denzer
Go To Tool For Online Course Creators

"Vidalytics provides so much value at the magical intersection of engagement, conversion, and insight. It's an essential tool in the stack for digital marketers and online course creators."

Chris Badgett
Lifter LMS
Secret Weapon for 9 Figure Copywriter

"Vidalytics is my secret weapon for troubleshooting VSLs so that I can increase conversions. It’s turned what I thought were duds into high converting videos."

Andrew Contreras
9 Figure Copywriter
I Didn't Want to Pay for Vidalytics

"We are charged in dollars, but earn in Brazilian Reais. The currency affects us a lot. Trust me, I didn't want to pay for Vidalytics. But I just have to. Because it simply works. I've tested it against every other video platform out there, and it's just simply better. We make more money with Vidalytics. Period. That's why we use it in all of our companies."

Max Peters
Copy Experts
Vidalytics' Countless Options Make it Easy to Increase Conversions

"I love Vidalytics because of the countless options I can control such as auto-start, countdown timers, resume and many more. The analytics on the videos are detailed and help my team and I make the right decisions to increase conversions."

Gauher Chaudhry
Digital Sumo
Increased conversions with Unmute + Restart

"I love Vidalytics. Better pricing than Wistia with way better analytics. The autoplay that restarts when unmuted pays for itself in increased conversions each month for us."

Eric Raum
Video Conversion Tracking Is A Game Changer

"WOW!! Overlaying the conversion on the same graph is the missing piece, that is awesome."

Bobby Hewitt
Conversion Rate Optimization Expert
Just What I've Been Looking For

"Vidalytics is JUST what I've been looking for in a long long time!!! I'm so excited. Gonna launch a new product next month. Can't wait to see how it converts."

Andres Calderon
Top CRO Agency loves Vidalytics

"We’ve been using Vidalytics for a while and absolutely love it. Its mobile features alone are worth switching. Not to mention it converts better than other players, its analytics are on-point and it’s the fastest video player I’ve tested. I highly recommend them for your marketing videos."

Justin Christianson
Co-Founder & President, Conversion Fanatics
Great and friendly service in this amazing tool

"Great and friendly service. Awesome tools in Vidalytics!

Still liking Vidalytics very much. Compliments for the way it's designed!"

Linda van der Hoeven

Increase Your Conversions Now By Simply Swapping Out Your Video Player