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Vidalytics Uses 14% Less Bandwidth than Wistia, Reducing Bandwidth Cost

Less Bandwidth

The Test Parameters: A/A Split Test (Video on Vidalytics vs. The same video, with the same features, on Wistia)
Type of Page: Video Landing Page
Traffic Source: Cold, Search, Google Display Network

The Analysis & Takeaway

From March 23rd until May 26th we tested Vidalytics against Wistia in an A/A split test, meaning we used the same video on both platforms and enabled the same features on both of them.

We wanted to see how the two platforms compared when looking at bandwidth usage.

The results came in… and we were thrilled!

Turns out, Vidalytics’ Premium Encoding used 14% less bandwidth than the Wistia version of the same video. At the end of our test, Wistia had used 104.07 GB of bandwidth, when Vidalytics used only 89.5 GB.


Now, that’s all good, but… what does it mean to you? Vidalytics uses less bandwidth than Wistia, saving you money with every play!

Best of all, you can get the super lean Premium Encoding with Vidalytics, which can be absolutely FREE, or, if you're interested in more powerful video marketing features, the Pro plan starts at $79 / month and includes 200GB of bandwidth usage and space for 20 videos. This is already way under the $99/month that Wistia charges for the same 200GB and space for only 10 videos!

Not only that, Vidalytics is the only video platform with in-depth Video Analytics and Video Conversion Technology to make your videos successful, and you a Vid Master.

If you haven’t opened an account… what are you waiting for? The best video conversions of your life await.

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