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The Real Cost of Amazon’s AWS for Video Hosting Compared to Vidalytics

AWS Real Cost

When comparing AWS to Vidalytics, it may seem like it is apples to apples, but this couldn’t be further from the truth… At least if you care about price, an easy to use platform, and getting your videos to convert as best as possible.

There is a lot that goes on under the hood of Vidalytics that gives your viewers a better video experience and, in consequence, increases your conversions.

On top of that, we have dozens of marketing tools and features built to help you grow your business with video.

Here are a few of the reasons why Vidalytics is vastly superior to AWS when it comes to video marketing:

AWS doesn’t provide a video player

Say what now??? AWS doesn’t provide a video player (as you may realize).

This means you’ll have to find a video player. Most likely pay for it. And then customize it for your business. This amounts to lots of time and energy you could spend on growing your business and bringing in new customers.

But what this also means is that you won’t get any of our conversion getting features, like…

  • Vidalytics robust video conversion analytics
  • Smart Autoplay
  • CRM Tagging
  • Countdown Timers
  • Email & SMS capture w/ Play Gates
  • Resume Play
  • Exit Thumbnails

These alone justify the cost of Vidalytics… Because they will bring in more conversions for your business.

AWS doesn’t provide adaptive bitrate streaming

Along with this custom player you’re going to have to pay for and setup, AWS doesn’t automatically come with adaptive bitrate streaming.

And in today’s day and age, this isn’t optional, especially for mobile traffic. Because this is a life saver for people with slow connections, as it will prevent your videos from buffering.

Here’s how it works on Vidalytics…

Vidalytics creates a dozen versions of your video with different codecs and sizes, and plays the most optimal version for your viewers’ connection speed, so your video practically never buffers. And can even switch between them in real time, if the connection changes while watching.

On top of that, this also helps lower your bandwidth bill, so you might actually use less GB with Vidalytics.

To set this up on AWS, you would need to encode your videos, load them into AWS, and then map these different sizes of the video to your custom video player

Our player is super lean, so it doesn’t add a lot of load time to your pages, and it’s highly tricked out for conversions.

From a technical standpoint, everything we do (and keep improving on each day) is going to help your videos convert better.

Vidalytics encodes your video using per-title encoding

Which is a fancy type of artificial intelligence that makes videos leaner while maintaining the same quality. This too will lower your bandwidth usage, while also making your video faster and thus converting better!

With AWS you’re tied into their infrastructure only

… which is a critical risk.

We have split tested all the major tier CDNs (content delivery networks) to find the ones that convert the best… And it was NOT AWS.

What we found is that you have to use multiple CDNs, because none of them are perfect all the time. This is what all major tech companies that deliver massive content – such as Vidalytics – do.

Recreating this isn’t feasible for practically any business that isn’t a video platform.

But you get this out of the box with Vidalytics’ tech stack because we use multiple CDNs, which are optimized in real time with AI based on the CDNs’ speed, even taking into account each viewer’s internet provider, plus hundreds of other variables.

Which equals faster videos and thus higher conversions for you.

If this is too much techie jargon, just know that your videos will play faster all the time with Vidalytics.

With Vidalytics you get a slick interface to tweak out your videos — saving you tons of time, so you can focus on growing your business

Of course, on top of all this, you’ll get the Vidalytics interface, which is a much easier way to manage your video marketing than anything you’d use with AWS. This will save you a ton of time, so you can focus on the important things in your business… Like growing your revenues and profits.

Just a few examples of this…

  • If you want to change the controls, colors and settings for your videos, you can do this in the Vidalytics UI by just clicking a few buttons.
  • Then when you’re done editing your videos you can instantly publish the changes to your website, without having to touch any code.
  • Or if you need to swap out a video on your website, you can do that too without touching any code, by just making the change from the Vidalytics web app.

The cost of AWS isn’t nearly as CHEAP as you may think

At scale, Vidalytics is actually more cost efficient.

Especially because with AWS you’d have to deal with HTTP request cost, a bunch of regional pricing tiers from around the globe, encoding costs, possibly a player licensing fee and the extra cost and sheer headache of managing all the tech in-house.

While you could be putting this time, money and effort into your business.


If you’re an entrepreneur or marketer who is looking for growth from your video marketing, then there is no real comparison between AWS and Vidalytics.

Amazon may seem similar and even cheaper on the surface, but once you dig in, it is very clear you’d be leaving a lot on the table.

So, if you’re using AWS and still on the fence, just sign up for a FREE Vidalytics account and see for yourself how much value it can add to your business. And let us know how it goes!

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