49% Conversion Rate Increase w/ Vidalytics’ Smart Autoplay

The Test Parameters: Smart Autoplay vs. The same video without this feature enabled
Type of Page: Video Sales Letter Landing Page
Traffic Source: Cold, Display, Affiliate
Client: Brent Messer

The Analysis & Takeaway

The most interesting thing about this test was actually what we learned from the test we carried out right before it.

In that one, we tested Mobile Autoplay + Disabled Pausing.

And it failed.

Here is what happened:

After about a week of the test running, it was obvious the variation with Mobile Autoplay & Disabled Pausing was going to lose.

We could tell from Vidalytics’ Analytics that people were engaging with the video at a much different rate.

Below you can see that the losing variation (on the right) has an engagement rate of 15% vs. 30% on the control. That’s 50% less!

Conversion Rate Increase

We were confident our Mobile Autoplay was not the cause, based on other tests and the countless clients who use it.

So, we concluded that the Disabled Pausing was too aggressive.

Additionally, it was possible people weren’t connecting with the video, since they were missing the beginning intro while the video was muted.

Hence, we removed the Disabled Pausing setting and added Restart on Unmute.

And that is when we got this massive 49% winner.

Conversion Rate Increase

We ran this to 98% probability of being the best, according to PeakConversions.com’s Bayesian A/B Split Test Calculator. (Note it was 99% but some last minute data came in that skewed it. However, most companies only run to 95%, so we’re still higher than the industry norm).

Conversion Rate Increase

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