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Youtube is Getting Less Friendly for Marketers

YouTube Forces Related Videos on Users

YouTube has decided to force a couple of features on their player that will negatively affect marketers and any person that uses videos to sell online. This seems to be the last resource of the company to push marketers out of the social network.

As of September 25th, 2018, if you use YouTube to host your videos, you won’t be able to disable related videos showing up at the end.

If you are a savvy marketer, you know what that means… your funnel will now have a massive hole that you won’t be able to fix and that could cause a big leak of leads, negatively impacting your conversions.

On top of that, YouTube will force the title of the video and the avatar of the uploader to show on top of the video before it begins, when it is paused and when it finishes.

This one might not sound too bad for a few of you, but let me tell you it will make your potential customers doubt.

Most online business owners know that having a branded YouTube video on a sales page is perceived as cheap.

Now, it was already bad to have the YouTube logo always there, at the bottom of the video… now imagine how distracting it’ll be for your viewers to have the biggest rabbit hole in the web (YouTube), just a click away even before your video starts playing!

It will for sure push some of your potential buyers away and into an endless playlist of cat videos or, even worse, your competitors’ videos!

If you are serious about your business and want to capture all the leads you can, and convert as many as possible into paying customers, you’ll know to stay away from YouTube for good.

With this decision, YouTube has made it clear that it’ll only become more and more hostile towards online marketers as the time goes by.

If you already are a part of the Vidalytics family, good for you! You will never have to deal with random policies that want to distract your viewers from your message.

Now, if you are still hosting your videos on YouTube, what are you waiting for to get the hell out of there?!

Not only do they constantly come up with decisions like this, that hurt your business and bottomline, but they are basically choosing how your business should look and operate!

You wouldn’t let a developer you’ve never met make important changes to your website or funnel… then why would you let YouTube do it?

Trust me, they don’t have your best interest in mind.

Make the smart decision to switch to a video platform that will never steal the control you have over your videos and business. A video platform that, on top of that, has Video Conversion Technology, the best set of features in the market to improve video conversions

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