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Vidalytics Stands With Ukraine

Vidalytics Stands With Ukraine

It is not news anymore that there is a war happening in Ukraine right now. And that it is affecting not only Ukraine, but the whole world.

This hits especially close to home for us at Vidalytics, as several of our engineers are from Ukraine. Almost our entire product team is in eastern Europe. We have worked with people from this part of the world for nearly a decade, as we truly value their work ethic, resilience, honesty and quality of work. They are all super smart, hard working, and some of the toughest folks on the planet.

All of these people have families who are also now in a war zone. Thanks to no marking of their own.

Currently, we are keeping our teammates in the war zones on payroll even as they aren’t able to work or put the same effort into their tasks. It is an honor to "sacrifice profits" for those who are sacrificing much more. We will continue to do this as long as we are capable as a company.

We have been making donations to the organization Come Back Alive, after our Ukrainian teammates let us know it was a legit organization to support. We plan on continuing to give to Ukrainian causes for as long as we can.

We will match donations to the organization above for up to $5,000 USD. If you make a donation, please get in touch with us via to let us know.

Here are other organizations to follow and donate to: 

Since we have team members all over Europe, we are thinking of ways we could receive shipments from abroad of important items that the Ukrainians fighting for their freedom might need. We will update this article as we find new ways of helping or to announce items that are needed and scarce in this side of the world, in case you'll have the opportunity to help, so please stay tuned.

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