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Interactive Smart Vids

Your Viewers can choose their own adventure which will get your audience hooked on your videos like a drug, pre-handle objections in real-time, and customize your sales pitch based on what’s important to your viewer with this new video format that’s been increasing conversions and sales like crazy for people who’ve been trying it

Video Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Understand how your video engages and converts viewers into buyers like never before. Where you can pinpoint the exact second where your viewers are dropping off, getting bored, or even converting. Vidalytics Pro Analytics are like a treasure map for higher conversions

More Video Storage

Your free account can only hold 3 videos. With Vidalytics Pro you can store up to 20 videos for no extra charge. Plus if you need more space you can add them for just 25 cents a month.

Play Gates

Want emails, names, or phone numbers? Replace your opt-in pages with a play gate, so people can opt-in directly over your videos.


Tag viewers in your CRM based on their video progress. This means hyper-targeted follow-up marketing, enhancing conversion opportunities.

No Cap On Usage

Your free account will shut off when you hit the bandwidth limit each month. If you need more volume, don’t let your videos go down. With Pro you’ll get up to 5,000 plays each month.

24/7 Support

Questions? Need help? We got you w/ live chat on our website in addition to our email support.

An Unbranded Player

Have only your brand show on your videos to keep your viewers focused on taking action with your brand.